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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nature is at a Whole New Level

OK so Thanksgiving is over and and everybody is getting ready to Xmas by decorating and playing very jolly songs!!! So first off Merry Xmas to you all!!! Now to the point; not that I haven't see this kind of thing before, but something just clicked this year! I was outside with Sierra, her mom, sister and dad and they were doing what every person was doing in our neighborhood putting up lights. Then I realized they are just putting bright twinkling things on their trees.But hey I gotta admit it looks pretty cool. Then they come out with a leafy thing in the shape of a circle with a red ribbon on it. They hung that on the front door. Wow and now there is all this talk of getting a tree in the house. I speak for all the dogs in the world when I say... I am going to pee on that thing!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yummies Yummies Yummies

Well, yesterday was awesome... For the humans! We all know that Thanksgiving was yesterday and obviously that is when humans eat like there is no tomorrow. But what happens when a dog tries to sneak some turkey? Out to the kennel that's what!!! But, hey I can't say it was all bad we dogs did get a little something too it's called: Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew. Oh that was good I ate it in record time!!! But old Bella was all "Saver every bite Dyno" yup she made a record too SLOWEST EATER!!! EVER!!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Arrival

Hey So SO SO SO sorry about the absents but since school started Sierra has been very busy and since Roxie now wants to blog it's hard for Sierra to help her.

Anyways, lets catch up here in Texas it has actually gotten really cold! Down to like 70 degrees! (and take off 10 degrees and you'll have the human's temp, remember we have automatic coats.)

So since the Title says "New Arrival" Here you go. OK you will not believe this. WE GOT ANOTHER CAT!!!. There I said it. Well at least we got another guy in the family.

Our Pets...



Me Dyno



Samson (new 3months old)






1/2 Cody

Monday, October 11, 2010

Training Tips

So you all know Roxie is the new agility dog of the family, right? We adopted the puppy with the highest play drive. Well she is and since she's a puppy (1 year old) Sierra defiantly can't do this by herself. So I am asking you yes YOU to give her training tips and for every Training Tip there will be a winner and at the end of the week I will choose a winner from the training subject and I, Dyno will e-mail you a pic of us and sometimes a really cool, funny, and cute video of Roxie using your tips! Thanks a bunch!

Subject for Week #1: Dog Walk (afraid of heights)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Trial

Hey guys got some good news and some bad news.
Good News: Sierra and I got 1 Blue Ribbon for JH!
Bad news: I got disqualified for our 2nd run for pooping in the ring, hey I had to go.
Good News: Sierra was willing to try again and do the last run.
Bad News: My hip went out on me and I can never set foot on an agility course again....
Good News: Roxie is taking my place and trust me she was born for this. Plus I will be going to every trial to cheer for her, only she isn't allowed to see me (distraction.)
So wish me a Happy Retirement! (Videos are soon to come it's OK to laugh)
(I will still be blogging)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Trial

Guys there is an up coming trial from NADAC and I plan on winning 1st for Jr. Handler's dog and a time ribbon. It is October 8-10 and we are going to Waco Texas Yeeeeha. Sierra is pretty exited too. So wish us luck this year!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Therapy Dog Dyno

Hey I'm back sorry about our "absence" it's been busy here at the home a of Dyno an agility dog, beloved pet and now a THERAPY DOG!!! ahhh I'm so exited. Well, it was a pretty exiting day.
It all started when Sierra's dad left the garage door open, and how was I suppose to know today I was the therapy dog test today? I thought it would be a good time to visit my girlfriend Jenna. So we slipped out. But the only problem was chatter box miss Roxie. GRRR! She began to bark : SIERRA DYNO IS LEAVING SIERRA, SIERRA, SIERRA!!!!! I got the heck outta there. Running in the direction Jenna's house was I could here Sierra's mom calling. My paws moved faster trying not to let her see me. Bella the old worry dog was following me.
"Dyno you come back here right now NOW MISTER!" She called.
I kept running until I approached Jenna green gate she ran along side mew barking.
"AHHH WATCH OUT TRUCK!" she barked I jumped out of the way just in time the truck drive by hit a puddle and got me soaked! Blek I shook myself off Jenna laughed.
"So how you doing?" I asked trying to look cool while soaked in mud water.
"Oh good I see you got out, Um what happened to your leg?"
Oh darn I forgot when I went to the VET they shaved my leg but of course I wasn't gonna tell her that. As I was just about to say I got in a fight I heard the truck coming and Sierra calling.
"Gotta go" I barked and headed up the hill.
She ran along the fence and called good bye I looked back the truck was gaining and so was Bella she was just about to tackle me when Sierra jumped out and called me over Ok time to give up. Once Sierra got me in the truck she dropped off Bella grabbed and ran out with a leash. I gave her a look and she told me we were going to the therapy dog place to test me.
When we got there I looked around the place was full of dogs. Sierra and her mom talked to a lady and I talked to a German Shepard named Emma. Finally everyone was taken into a field with agility stuff and we were tested on all sorts of stuff like being in crowds, how we are with other dogs, sit.stay. you know the easy stuff except for leave it. Well you see she poured treats into a bowl and it was very very hard to resist but I managed to.
After all that the lady in chargetalked to us a little more then we left.

When we got home I got a bath...

P.S Yes Sierra is better

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great News

Hey everybody boy do I have a story for you it is pawsitively great. See the kittens/obnoxious little... Oh don't get me started next thing you know the fur is flying! Anyways they have gotten old enough to start exploring the out side world! Yup that means no more kittens in the house... Mostly.
So that gives me a chance to plan something to celebrate so I.....Uh I mean Sierra came up with an idea which you yes YOU will vote on which one we do..... The list is on the side ........over there do you see it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flu Season

Bad news Sierra is sick she was sick all weekend and I for one am worried sick. Yes in fact I'm not feeling to hot either, well my leg is hurting and Roxie sure is no help whenever I come in she is like 'Come on Dyno play wif me come on come on' she is such a chatter box.
Anyways with my busy schedule of being an agility dog I don't have time to visit Sierra but I do my best to help in any way like: Her nose was dry so I licked it and I did shall we say a little taste test of her food, you know just to be sure it's not poison or not too good. We were lying in her bed watching my favorite show with: Dogs 101 and they said that the only dog that barks and howls is a Puggle (mix of beagle and pug) and that is not true I bark and howl at the same time to roooo roooo! Just as I was a bout to demonstrate I saw that Daffodil (kitten) was bothering Sierra to help her up to get to her food.
See her food bowl is on a shelf and she isn't cat enough to jump up there so Sierra usually lifts her up.
Well I wouldn't stand for this so this is what I did: I walked right up to that shelf, jumped up and ate that food for her! How nice am I?

After that I got locked out of the room...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Training Challange # 1

For our training challenge we went on a walk but it wasn't just any walk we walked to Sierra's family's other land (I have no idea how that works either.) So as we walked I saw the dog's 2nd enemy: DEER!!! I was now in beagle mode... OK focus I said to myself what is the target Hmm as mom taught me go for the gulp
"Not yours!" Sierra said sharply and tugged on my leash.
I was jerked out of "beagle mode" and kept on walking AHHH!!! More deer I pricked my ears Sierra gave me a look and I kept walking and paid almost no attention to the my girlfriend next door. I gave her a wink then hurried along. Here we are!!! This land Sierra said is going to be our future agility field!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Which end is the right one
Hey at agility practice Mireya is the new puparazzi ahhhhh!!! She is catching all sorts of embarrassing things of me and the other dogs like these:

Dyno you snooze you lose

Roxie's Kitty Love

Roxie's Kitty Love continues?

Bella has FLEAS!!!

Sierra's New Cut Real or Fake?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Here is a preview of Sierra's Movie!!

rOxiE's PoST

hi RoXie heer and i snuk into DyNo's account and typed this it is a bowt my trip to ODessA. I have never reely typed on a computur b4 so wish me luc!!! Well first we drove a long ways in a big bloo thing then we arived at a hows and there was a nother dog there and he lookd like a hot dog. I playd wif him I think he was (as Dyno says) checkin me owt. After another long drive then we were in ODessA as SIerrA called it. We got to a hows and there was a nother poodle there too his name was EmMeT. He was older than BelLa!!! Well after all that we went home and I tolded DyNo all a bowt my trip. And that Pineapple is not a good password...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uh Oh

Sorry for not posting the challenge Ricky but my mom said no because am not felling too great. See I have been taking medicine for my leg but it hasn't been working. At least I know that I have been trying to give Sierra some signs and she kind of got it.
GRRRRR these son of a cat kittens!!! They always are in the way. Like one (Daffodil) jumped o top of me and began to sleep I jumped up and she flew across the room when she landed she hissed. I chuckled to myself. Then another day Shakira began to pounce on my tail. I turned to her quickly and snarled. She ran off faster than a dog chasing a BALL!!!
Yup this is definetly an UH OH!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Curse of the Pampered Poodle

Roxie is sooo pampered. She gets to sit on the couch. I only sat on the couch once and I was on Sierra's lap. She gets to sleep on Sierra's bed I only have a old living room chair. And last but DEFIANTLY NOT LEAST roxie never gets caught in the litter box! I never get caugh... I mean I never go in the litter box.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is me as a puppy!!!

Lost Pics

This is the island I was lost on
Bella was very worried

Lost part 3

After rushing off from no doubt the most beautiful dog in my life I heard... Huh? A car? Looking around all I saw was trees. Then a voice.
All I did without thinking was run, run to the voice. Suddenly I was on a road in front of a red car. I looked in the window. Sierra's mom was inside. I jumped with joy I was found.
She opened the door and loved on me.
I was found!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lost part 2

"DYNO!" I heard again.
I looked around and began to panic. Where was she?!?
"SIERRA!" I barked.
She couldn't hear me! I listened her voice was coming from and ran in her direction. Looking around all I saw was trees trees trees. Wait! Haven't I passed that tree before? There's the one with the weird branch ahhh! Ok calm down! All I needed to do was walk down the hill to the lake.
I started walking in what seemed to be the way down hill when I came to another campsite there was no one there but a dog and... Holy Biscuits she was hot! She reminded me of mom. I know me and Roxie had something but I can't stick to one girl. Anyways I put on my Dyno charm and trotted over. "Hey what's up?" I said to her. She was in a gate peeking her head out. Then to my surprise she squeezed out!
She looked me over and said "Why Hello. Are you a stray?"
"Me? Heck no. In fact I'm a championship agility dog!" I replied holding my head high.
She smiled and sat down.
"Then what are you doing here alone with no human?"
"I wandered off see I'm a BAD DOG!"
"Oh I see. I'm Janna," She said scooting closer.
Wow I can't believe this was working.
"I'm Dyno. So what breed is your boyfriend?" I asked see this is how find out if she has a boyfriend or not.
"I'm single," She said.
"Oh so where do you live?"
"Next to a black lab and and golden retriever," she replied.
"Hey I know where that house is I live 2 houses away!"
"Oh well you should come and visit. We could..." She stood up and walked toward me "run free together for the day and be BAD DOGS!" She said and rolled on her belly under me.
I gazed into her eyes and then heard... Huh humans? She seemed to hear them too because she jumped to her feet and ran back into her gate.
"We end our camping trip tomorrow you can come then now go hurry," She said.
I ran over to her. "Bye"
She gave me a lick "Bye"
I grinned and ran off.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost part 1

This isn't you ordinary run of the mill run away story. You can't blame.... Well just listen...
It all started when Sierra,her sister and dad took us dogs out on the boat. It was you know the usual boat ride: We drive the humans jump in and swim then get out and drive more.
The freaky part started when they parked the boat a little closer than usual to land Sierra jumped in and swam to shore. Then I felt to big hands wrap around my waste I struggled it was Sierra's dad. He picked me up and thew me in the water. I went under and swam up and away from the boat because I didn't want to come up under the boat. I popped up and looked around Where should I go? Boat. Shore. Boat. Shore! When I got there I crawled up onto the rock. I watched as Roxie was lifted into Sierra's arms, Sierra lowered her in the water.Oh sure don't throw her in.
"Roxie swim over here, to shore," I called
She turned to me and swam to shore. Next was Bella.She wouldn't go in (she is very stubborn) Sierra's dad had to push her in she did a flip and landed hard in the water. I laghed harder than I had ever done in my life. When she got to shore she growled at me. I shut up.Bella found a stick and we played for a while.
Soon Sierra pushed Bella into the water then her dad called Bella to the boat she climbed in. Then the boat started backing away from the land I was on a rock by the water so I ran across the edge not jumping in Roxie followed. Were they leaving us? NO! I can't survive alone with Roxie...On the other hand leave us together. But no they were coming back. Sierra jumped in and swam toward us when she got there she grabbed Roxie and waded into the water when the boat got close up to her she tossed Roxie in the boat. Wait hang on what was that smell? Hot dogs? Beef? Where was it coming from? I had to find out for the safety of those crazy vegetarians. I turned on my sniffer 5,000 (new addition) and began my search. My sniffer guided me up hill away from the boat. I climbed up the hill lost in the great smell.
I was farther from the boat and closer to the smell. Then I saw it a campsite filled with meat but there were humans eating, cooking and guarding it. GRRR. What do I do? Oh I know what as a proper dog I was raised to do: BEG LIKE THERE IN NO TOMMOROW (and with the way I'm gonna eat there might not be.)I walked up to the first human and put on my cute face. And, you'll never believe this he chased me right out of the campsite! I ran for a while longer until I realized an important question I must answer: Where was the boat?!?!?! I looked everywhere. only trees!!! AHHH!!! I whimpered.I was getting scared I had run away before but not in this area. Plus this area had no cat food lady. And was loosing hope.
Then I heard a voice, "DYNO, DYNO!"
It was Sierra. But where was she?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Trip part 4

The Big Trip part 3

Last you heard I was napping under the table right? WRONG!!! I was simple keeping look out. Anyways when I woke I mean stopped looking out Sierra was calling me YES!!! We were going somewhere. NO!!! Probably to the vet Ahhh!!! We loaded up and I sadly had the hat on!!! All the humans that passed. Said how cute I was when I was clearly a machine of speed and strength.
Anyways we got to this place and we went inside. Before we did though I took it upon myself to mark out trajectory. By, well we don't need to go into the details. So we went into the building and there appeared to be agility equipment and... know how you thought I was going to the vet....well you were wrong.. You see...Like I had said we were going to the agility competition. Ha....ha....ha... Anyways Sierra walked around with her mom and talked to some people. Then we left and went to a restaurant and guess what they didn't let me in!!! So then we went back to the Hotel and slept until morning. Well Duh...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Trip part 2

The next part of our trip was very scary because with my braininesses of my smarticals I had figured out that we were going to the vet!!! 1 dog in the truck NOT A GOOD SIGN!!! So Sierra tried to comfort me by saying ‘we are going to your dog agility competition’ Hah not gonna trick me. Or‘You’ll have fun buddy’ Nope not falling for that old trick. On the road Sierra treated me how I would expect her to treat someone who is going to the vet with: Treats, I get to sleep on the seat, Beef jerky, and various rubs. Haha she is not going to draw me into believing her with this crazy agility story.The vet must have been a long way away because we drove for quite a while. Then we stopped at a I’m guessing to be a place where humans stay because after we went into the lobby with a TV in it we unpacked in this room in which smelled like a human was puffing in there. A dog doesn’t want to smell smoke. UG. So we switched rooms. I sniffed around this one no bad smell but it did have a bathroom 2 beds and a table. Sierra put my pathetic bed on the floor beside Sierra’s bed. UG. I hate that bed. It’s so small. So I napped under the table.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Big Trip part 1

This was my biggest adventure yet!!! It all started when I discovered Sierra and her family were packing up some stuff. Like:
Cloths (Mine also including this embarrassing hat)
Their Cloths
My Brush
My doggy Pillow
My Food
and the Leash
Now with my smartnesses of my brains I figures out an unsure thing... Now brace yourself for this genius is so good it might actually hurt... OK the humans were going somewhere. If you can't feel your eyes call a doctor....... is everyone all right OK just making sure.
That night Sierra was reading a book called.... well dogs can't read.... So....yeah.....I felt so strong going into that sentence....Anyways she was reading never mind that. In the morning They were getting loaded into the truck. All was going as I thought but then something crazy happened. Sierra's mom loaded me into the truck. Bella and Roxie too. Then we stopped at Sierra's mom's mom's house. Sierra called us out I jumped out after Bella and Roxie. But something weird happened as I was gracefully jumping out of the truck um Sierra turned her back and well closed the door. Yeah....Not pretty...Oh did Sierra's mom and dad get a laugh outta that. I seemed to be seeing 3 Sierras coming back to the truck and laughing.Mireya almost wet herself. Ha ha very funny. I snorted and we began the mysterious trip. Huh probably to THE VET AHHHHH!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mother Bella

You know that we got new kittens right? Well, we did and really I guess 1 wasn't enough! Anyways Bella has taken them in as...well...her....PUPPIES!!! Yup you heard me right. She is mostly attracted to the smaller Daffodil. She lick her, bathes her, cuddles with her and even pick her up!!! Let me tell you she's got nothing in between her ears if you know what I mean... AKA Wako off her rocker totally acting like a prissy little poodle. 'OMG where is my baby' or 'Don't touch her she is fragile' and she even tries to take her from Sierra and Mireya!!! Anyway I told her they were kittens and that it will never work out that the humans will separate you to and all she says is speaking of the ball and she just changes the subject (typical Bella.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Daffodil Shakira

OK before I even start on this one I want to list the number of pets Sierra and her family have...
Lucy The Cat
Lilly The Horse I have seen and almost got kicked by
Cibalo the other horse that I spooked and he almost stampeded
and that's it so They have...5...wait...6 pets.
But that is going to change right now.
See Sierra has been working on this movie and as usual we are in it and there was all this talk of new characters and I assumed there would be well new pups that would be nice. But us dogs soon found out what animal was coming.
On the day of the arrival Roxie was very exited well well were but she was showing it the most. Anyway, Sierra unloaded the crate and some other very odd non puppy stuff like a scratching post, a liter box and 2 bowls with cats (of all things) on them.
Well after a few hours of Sierra and Mireya in Sierra's room with us shut out she opened the door to non other than, me. I walked in curios to see what breed of dog would need a liter box. But instead of seeing 2 cute little puppies I saw, you'll never guess this, I saw 2 KITTENS!!! As if we didn't have enough cats already we already had a whole 1 cat!!! After I had gotten over my shock I slinked over to sniff the little cats. They smelled like the animal shelter. Soon Bella and Roxie got to come in too. When Roxie saw those 2 Cats her tail waged faster than that spinning thing on the ceiling. She was probably thinking ooo cool someone who is smaller than me!
The past couple days we had time to get to know each other the cats and us their names are Shakira and Daffodil. They are still unsure about Lucy and love to play. They might not be so bad. But I'll keep you posted on the KITTENtastrophe.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Thunderstorm

OK this was the scariest night of my life.
It all started when Sierra went to bed. I saw lights in the distance. They were really bright and they flashed like lighting but no rain.
"Come on Dyno time for bed, come on I got you pillow in my room,"
I lifted my head from the floor I had been watching the "lights" in the mountains. Slowly I got up from my place by the door and stretched (a dog must stretch after lying down a long time) then reluctantly made my way to Sierra's room. Once I was there I slowly dozed off to slegrsp.
I heard in my head a tap tap tap on the window then a flash of light. Next a loud BANG! I opened my eyes to see that it was raining then another flash of light followed my another bang.
I sprang to my feet and whimpered.Sierra was sitting on her bed looking at the window.
I put my head on the bed and looked at her with pleading eyes. If she could let me on the bed I could hide in all her stuffed animals, so my poor ears wouldn't have to take this BANG thunder BANG any more. She looked at me and said "It's OK boy just wait it out and try to go to sleep. BANG! I jumped and reluctantly went back to my pillow next to Bella's.
Roxie was so lucky she got to sleep with Sierra just because she was a poodle.
It seemed like it was stopping so I decided to try and go to sleep. I'm telling you going to sleep was not easnugly bergom not biscuits on Sunday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lake Dog

Today was of shall we say... unexpected. It all started at noon I think. All the humans were going in and out of the house carrying bags and towels. Sooner or later Sierra's mom invited us out.
This is a chance to see what's going on I thought.
When we got out there it was the thing I hadn't been on in years. What the humans called "The Boat" had bags and towels in it.
I looked around and saw Sierra's mom handing Roxie, who was struggling like a pup. She was handed to Sierra and that's when she disappeared (I was too low and the boat was high and, you know) so I jumped on a near by rock.Then next thing I know I'm being lifted into it! I struggled and squirmed. But I couldn't get free. So There I was being lifted into the boat.
As I was lowered Sierra grabbed my paw and whipped all the mud off. Then she let me wander around the boat. Next was Bella and let me tell you she did not like being lifted up. and have her paws dried. But once she was able to move around the boat she was just fine.I made my way up to the front of the boat sit on the seats there. But Sierra made me stay until we were ready to go.
Finally Sierra and Mireya were in the front of the boat and their parents were in the truck so I jumped up and sat on Sierra lap for the ride to the dock.
Roxie was so annoying. She had never been to the lake before so this would be her first time. She was as usual sitting on Bella, asking questions like: 'What are we in?' or 'Why is are we being pulled by the truck?' but the most common was 'Where are we going' and Bella just rolled her tired eyes and covered her ears with her paws.
I laughed on the inside and as we finally got to the dock I decided to take Bella's suffering away. I trotted over to Roxie while everyone was busy getting the boat in the water and grabbed Roxie by the scruff of her neck and carried her off to the front with me.
After we were finally in the water and I was sitting on Sierra's lap again I let her go. She put her front paws on the rail and her back ones on Sierra's lap. Her ears flapped in the breeze and her white fur was shining in the sun. She looked really, pretty.
You know I might be getting to like her. She's smart, pretty and I think she likes me. That's when I decided I would try to impress her. That won't be hard with my good looks and my obvious strength.
Anyways so after we had taken off and drove the boat around for awhile we stopped all of a sudden and began to float. Sierra's mom had turned off the gas. Then, you won't believe this, Sierra's dad got on the edge of the boat and dove in the water. Followed closely behind by Mireya then Sierra.
This will be a good time to try to impress Roxie I thought.
I trotted over to her, she was enjoying the new experience and was now stretched out on the seat as if she were sun bathing. I thought I was cute.
"Hey, Rox," I said in my "I'm cool" voice.
"Oh Hey Dyno," she replied in her sweet casual voice.
"May I join you?"
Score this is going great. I edged closer to her. She didn't notice. I scooted closer. This time she looked at me and I looked in those deep brown eyes.
I had to make up an excuse and quick so I said "Uh there's leaf on your nose."
"Oh how embarrassing will you get it off?" She said blushing.
I leaned close to her and licked her nose.
"Thanks," she said and made herself comfortable again.
Wow that was awesome. Now step 2 of operation impress Roxie. I had to get her to lay on me so I could get a romantic moment started.
"Uh Roxie that seat looks," come up with a word fast "spinachy," spinachy what am I Pop Eye?
"Spinachy?" She repeated.
"Yeah... Um it's wrinkly and uh an oval." Oh what did I get myself into?
"OK, hey it does kind of feel uncomfortable."
"Want to sit on me?" I asked hopefully.
"Sure thanks," She replied
We both leaped off the seat and onto the floor of the boat we scooted under Sierra's mom's feet. I lied down and let Roxie scramble up onto my back. Her head rested on my neck and I slowly fell asleep.
"Vroom Vrooom!" The boat's engine wailed.
I lifted my head Huh we were at the dock? Yup Sierra's dad was pulling the boat onto the trailer.
"Roxie,Roxie," I said waking her.
"Oh here already?" She asked
"Well thanks I had a great time with you. Your fur is very comfortable," and with that she slid off my back.
Well that didn't work at all. The goal was... "Oh I almost forgot." She said walking back over.
She leaned close to me and gave me a lick on the cheek!
My eyes grew wide and the rest of the day was a blur.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doggy Definitions

Hey Dyno here with the first ever doggy definitions. Which is were I, Dyno tell you some doggy words and definitions. OK lets get to it.
1. Big loud guy = Sierra's dad
2. THE BALL = The thing that I not only chase but worship!
3. Curly hair little person=Sierra's sister Mireya
4. Nice lady who gives us scraps= Sierra's mom
5. My human =Sierra
6. Dog Playground =Dog Park
7. Fun place = Agility class
8 Annoying mini chihuahua= Cat
9. Thing that pulls you along=Leash
10. Black thing with you name on it= Collar
Pretty cool huh? Well there will be 10 more next week.

This has been a DE (Dog Education)co

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Day has Come

Well the day came and went, if you a poodle or you just don't have a clue, I'm talking about mother's day. Anyway I decided that I would get her, meaning Bella, for mother's day and let me tell you this is a present any dog would want: Cat Food. But it didn't really work out because I always seemed too be the one ending up with the cat food. So I ended up giving her a lick and her being in charge for the whole day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Every one is rushing around and speaking like 'what am I going to get mom for mother's day?' or 'Quick mom's coming hide the present!' stuff like that. While me, Dyno, has a real problem... WHAT AM I GOING TO GET BELLA FOR MOTHER'S DAY??? I know she isn't my birth mother but she acts annoyingly like one. She takes care of me, teaches me how to live in a dog world and keeps me from running away SOMTIMES!!! So she is like a mother to me. But little Ms. Roxie aka it's all about me, thinks just herself in Bella's presents is enough. So she says to me
"Dyno listen Bella puts her life in jeopardy and in return she gets to spend time with myself, the Roxie."
I groaned "Um, she was the one who kept that scorpeon from stinging you too badly," I told her.
"Yes but it still got me right under my eye and now it is all big," She said
"You mean swolen genuis," I replied.
Then she growled and with her good eye gave me that hard stare then tried to pounce. She ran straight toward me. Lucky for me there was a tree behind me so I simply steped aside and usally she would stop and turn. But with her bad eye she couldn't make out what was me and what was the tree. She hit it head on.
As I laughed she said "You know soon I'll be able to see again,"
Anyways now I'm stuck on what I should get Bella.
If you have any ideas please mention them in your comments.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Dream

It was about 9:30 at night Sierra was holding a book for school and was sitting in bed reading it. Roxie was on her bed lying on a extra pillow. I was drifting off dotsj seatp.
All at once I was running faster and faster. I looked behind me and there was any dog's wost nightmare a cat president and his army was chasing me. I whimpered and ran faster whimpering some more. The cat who looked like the general pointed to me and all their weapons fired we're talking claws, teeth and all the rage a cat could have.
Then I felt someone shaking me. I looked up it was Sierra, the whole cat for presidant thing was all a dream..... Which I knew all a long and was just saying that stuff to get you to read on...Ha...Ha...
Anyways I looked around and Sierra began to laugh. This is not funny I could have been ripped to shreds by...
Oh just drop it...Goodnigertsajhs

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Run Aaways

Hey Dyno here, today we had the most awesome day. It all started in the afternoon we had got let out into the kennel for the 2nd time today. And once I got out there with Roxie and Bella I noticed a lucky shot at getting cat food... The gate was open.
"Ok Roxie look at that the gate is open now what do you do?" I asked hoping to teach her another lesson on being a real dog.
"Um.. I would think I should stay like a good dog. Is that right?" She replied
"That's right. You would do that. That's what you're gonna do right?" I asked
"Yup," She said her head high.
"Good... See ya," I said and jumped the electric wire then raced off.
"Dyno Might Prosapio where do you think you're going?" Bella asked.
"The Cat Food Lady's place," I replied.
She was a lady who always had cat food on her porch. I went there all the time when I had the chance.
"Not if I can help it," She said
Bella is a "good dog" and she always tries to keep me and Roxie out of trouble. But I hated that she can get so annoying.
"Hah only if you can catch me," I said and with that I raced off.
I jumped on the deck circled around and hid under the small pond with hot water in it. I scampered though the boards and into where all the pipes are. Bella can't get in there. She stood at the entrance and growled. I backed deeper in.Then she left.
I squeezed out and walked slowly into the light. Then she jumped me. We wrestled for a while until finally I got a hold of her collar and pulled her down. She yipped and I released her then took off running, She followed. I jumped on the deck and raced towards the stairs to escape across the yard, but My paws gave in under me and I fell into the sand then got up and shook off. By this time Bella had my leg and was pulling me back. I clawed the boards and finally got free. Then I again raced off.
Through the yard under the bouncing tarp thing and crossed into the neighbor's yard. I gave his cats a quick bark and raced on. I could hear Roxie barking like crazy. The next neighbour's greyhounds ran along the fence at my side.
"Hey Dyno, where you going in such a hurry?" One asked
"Running from Bella, gonna get cat food," I barked.
"Hey good luck," the other said once at the end of the fence.
"Thanks," I said and raced off.
Bella was still on my tail I continued on up the hill and around the corner. She was gaining on me . I pushed on. Once I neared the Cat Food Lady's house I slowed. Then ran into her driveway then rounded the corner on her deck. gobbled down as much cat food as I could drank some water then started home at a steady walk.
Bella had given up the chase and was already close to home. I decided to take the forest way that's the fastest way.
I walked through he forest and pushed through the last couple of trees then walked to the middle of the road.
Sierra and everyone was already home by now and she had began racing toward me. I ran to her, she hugged me then lifted me and carried me back to the kennel. She kissed me and I walked through the sliding flap and saw Bella.
"Hey," I said cautiously.
She growled and charged I submited then jumped up and we wrestled until we could barly breath.
And tha was my awesome day (exept for the fact that because we ate cat food we wouldn't get dinner.)