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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boredom + Bored= BORED BOREDOM!!!

Hey it's me Roxie and I have been BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!! Don't believe me? The most exiting thing I did this week was grab some wrapper from Sierra's backpack! Yeah I know. It's is like this because it is so called TAKS week this week at school for Sierra and all she's been doing is study, text, eat and repeat! I need something to do!!! So while she's worried about whether she will make it through the 6th grade I'm here.....Yeah that's it I'm just here because I have nothing better to do! OMG, what do I do when the humans are like this??? Please HELP ME!!! Time for dinner, I hope deer broke into the garage and ate all the yucky cardboard stuff and left all the juicy chickeny part!!! Let's see, until next time...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Attacks!!!

As you guys know Easter was a couple days ago and well being my first Easter that ATTACKED!!! And I wasn't expecting what I got.....
Check it out...

Scary right? Well at least the cat got some of it. Oh, no here comes Sierra's sister with the last egg. Gotta run... Until next time..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My 1st TRAIL!!!

Hey guys I'm back from my 1st ever trial! Guess what I placed 1st!!! Yep, in the jumpers!!! There was people in the corners of the course when I came toward them they turned away, I thought something was wrong so I went closer. Well by the 3rd run I figured out that Mom didn't want me to go near them.... Oh well, here is a video of the trial...

And here is my friend Tippy and her owner Debbie!

We all did pretty good! There is still celebrating going on!!! I feel like even more of a star than I was before! Oh, no the paparazzi are back... Until next time...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Competition Training

Here is ME, Roxie training and well, do you have any tips?
We did good on that one! :D

I had to go back A LOT!!! So any advice? I feel like we are going to crash and burn at the competition! I don't know what to do! See we have been getting all prettied up so we can look good but, well I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm getting tired of grooming!!! I know unbelievable right? Speaking if which, I think I hear the clippers! Gotta go!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wet Tunnel

Hey everyone guess what happened that I will NOT allow! It rained a couple days ago and MY TUNNEL got wet!!! And Sierra just expects me to go on through after she shakes it out a little? NOWAY!!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! But, she made me go through and when I felt that water on my paws I ran out of there soooooo fast! Well at least I got a treat for that! OMG here we go again Sierra is calling so until next time... Stay FABULOUS!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter's Not the Only Holiday Coming up!!!

Everyone guess what!!! It's my birthday this weekend. Well, not my actual Birthday just when I was adopted. But, hey who doesn't want to celebrate yours truly? Anyways, I hear I'm going to have a big party!!! Grammy's coming!!! Have we discussed Grammy? I think not. That must be addressed immediately!!! Well, Grammy is Sierra's grandmother and when I go to visit her (she's only a block away) I get tons of treats, I get to do some couch lounging, and she makes me clothes!!! She is awesome!!! Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy... Stay FABULOUS!!!

Bad Dog?

Hello again you know who it is, me Roxie! So you know how Dyno's is always bragging about his sniffer 2000 or whatever? Well he's not the only one with a great schnoz around here. NO not BELLA!!! Me! Yes! A poodle can be a good sniffer! And I proved just that to Dyno a few days ago. Here's what happened:

So there I am it's night time and Sierra is in her bed reading her book Dyno is in the crate (poops inside) and I am sniffing around Sierra's room. There I am searching through her trash can when all of a sudden I pick up something that smells simply wonderful. Something you humans call chocolate ice cream! YUMMY!!! I followed the scent under Sierra's bed and back around to behind her chair. I stuck my nose in there and found... well...see for your self!

Well I guess I can't lick the wrapper all the time, but when no one is around I can sniff out stuff with crumbs still inside the recycling bin is like a gold mine! Huh? What is that smell? Got to go... Until next time... Stay FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giant Roxie

I recently went on a trip to Odessa, Texas, to visit family. And one of the family members owned a dog smaller that me it was the size of a teacup!!! NO JOKE!!! Check it out!
Now I am Roxie the Giant. Oops! Here comes Jack climbing the beanstalk. So until next time...


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pollen Paws

Hey there, Roxie here and I have a MAJOR problem. See here in Texas we get something I like to call Pollen Season and it happens around Spring. So while the humans are sniffling and sneezing I have a real problem; pollen gets stuck in my fur!!! And it takes me FOREVER to get them out. This season Sierra decided to cut my hair short so not as much pollen will get stuck in it. Sierra says we need rain to wash out all the pollen. But pollen isn't the only thing I get in my fur. Silk Worms!!! Yuck! Still shaking off worms so until nex time....
Stay Fabulous!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roxie's Taking Over!

Hey there Roxie here, and I'm going to make some changes on this blog. You know, a little pink here a sprinkle there and a whole lot everywhere! You know Dyno's story, but since I'm top dog now you'll want to know about me, Roxie!Oh and if you were wondering yes, I am FABULOUS! I'm a Poodle, Maltese mix from, believe it or not, Great Dane Rescue!I was, as Sierra says, born for agility. I love it! My 1st trial is right around the corner wish me luck! If you haven's noticed my favorice color is PINK!!! Hey and if you liked Dyno just you wait you'll LOVE me!!! So until next time...


I'm Back!!!!

Hey everyone guess what I'm back with some big news the blog is now going over to Roxie! Yep she's the family agility dog now. There is a competition coming up it will be her 1st and I get to go!!! So far me and Sierra (mostly me) are training her everyday after Sierra gets home from school. But, there was an incident it's kind of serious as in LIFE OR DEATH serious. Basically if we get out again...well.....I don't want to talk about it. So every time I'm outside I have to be either in the crate or on a leash. Hey Beagle = nose which = curiosity. Anyways here are some pics of the good old days: