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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Trial

Guys there is an up coming trial from NADAC and I plan on winning 1st for Jr. Handler's dog and a time ribbon. It is October 8-10 and we are going to Waco Texas Yeeeeha. Sierra is pretty exited too. So wish us luck this year!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Therapy Dog Dyno

Hey I'm back sorry about our "absence" it's been busy here at the home a of Dyno an agility dog, beloved pet and now a THERAPY DOG!!! ahhh I'm so exited. Well, it was a pretty exiting day.
It all started when Sierra's dad left the garage door open, and how was I suppose to know today I was the therapy dog test today? I thought it would be a good time to visit my girlfriend Jenna. So we slipped out. But the only problem was chatter box miss Roxie. GRRR! She began to bark : SIERRA DYNO IS LEAVING SIERRA, SIERRA, SIERRA!!!!! I got the heck outta there. Running in the direction Jenna's house was I could here Sierra's mom calling. My paws moved faster trying not to let her see me. Bella the old worry dog was following me.
"Dyno you come back here right now NOW MISTER!" She called.
I kept running until I approached Jenna green gate she ran along side mew barking.
"AHHH WATCH OUT TRUCK!" she barked I jumped out of the way just in time the truck drive by hit a puddle and got me soaked! Blek I shook myself off Jenna laughed.
"So how you doing?" I asked trying to look cool while soaked in mud water.
"Oh good I see you got out, Um what happened to your leg?"
Oh darn I forgot when I went to the VET they shaved my leg but of course I wasn't gonna tell her that. As I was just about to say I got in a fight I heard the truck coming and Sierra calling.
"Gotta go" I barked and headed up the hill.
She ran along the fence and called good bye I looked back the truck was gaining and so was Bella she was just about to tackle me when Sierra jumped out and called me over Ok time to give up. Once Sierra got me in the truck she dropped off Bella grabbed and ran out with a leash. I gave her a look and she told me we were going to the therapy dog place to test me.
When we got there I looked around the place was full of dogs. Sierra and her mom talked to a lady and I talked to a German Shepard named Emma. Finally everyone was taken into a field with agility stuff and we were tested on all sorts of stuff like being in crowds, how we are with other dogs, sit.stay. you know the easy stuff except for leave it. Well you see she poured treats into a bowl and it was very very hard to resist but I managed to.
After all that the lady in chargetalked to us a little more then we left.

When we got home I got a bath...

P.S Yes Sierra is better

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great News

Hey everybody boy do I have a story for you it is pawsitively great. See the kittens/obnoxious little... Oh don't get me started next thing you know the fur is flying! Anyways they have gotten old enough to start exploring the out side world! Yup that means no more kittens in the house... Mostly.
So that gives me a chance to plan something to celebrate so I.....Uh I mean Sierra came up with an idea which you yes YOU will vote on which one we do..... The list is on the side ........over there do you see it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flu Season

Bad news Sierra is sick she was sick all weekend and I for one am worried sick. Yes in fact I'm not feeling to hot either, well my leg is hurting and Roxie sure is no help whenever I come in she is like 'Come on Dyno play wif me come on come on' she is such a chatter box.
Anyways with my busy schedule of being an agility dog I don't have time to visit Sierra but I do my best to help in any way like: Her nose was dry so I licked it and I did shall we say a little taste test of her food, you know just to be sure it's not poison or not too good. We were lying in her bed watching my favorite show with: Dogs 101 and they said that the only dog that barks and howls is a Puggle (mix of beagle and pug) and that is not true I bark and howl at the same time to roooo roooo! Just as I was a bout to demonstrate I saw that Daffodil (kitten) was bothering Sierra to help her up to get to her food.
See her food bowl is on a shelf and she isn't cat enough to jump up there so Sierra usually lifts her up.
Well I wouldn't stand for this so this is what I did: I walked right up to that shelf, jumped up and ate that food for her! How nice am I?

After that I got locked out of the room...