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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lost part 2

"DYNO!" I heard again.
I looked around and began to panic. Where was she?!?
"SIERRA!" I barked.
She couldn't hear me! I listened her voice was coming from and ran in her direction. Looking around all I saw was trees trees trees. Wait! Haven't I passed that tree before? There's the one with the weird branch ahhh! Ok calm down! All I needed to do was walk down the hill to the lake.
I started walking in what seemed to be the way down hill when I came to another campsite there was no one there but a dog and... Holy Biscuits she was hot! She reminded me of mom. I know me and Roxie had something but I can't stick to one girl. Anyways I put on my Dyno charm and trotted over. "Hey what's up?" I said to her. She was in a gate peeking her head out. Then to my surprise she squeezed out!
She looked me over and said "Why Hello. Are you a stray?"
"Me? Heck no. In fact I'm a championship agility dog!" I replied holding my head high.
She smiled and sat down.
"Then what are you doing here alone with no human?"
"I wandered off see I'm a BAD DOG!"
"Oh I see. I'm Janna," She said scooting closer.
Wow I can't believe this was working.
"I'm Dyno. So what breed is your boyfriend?" I asked see this is how find out if she has a boyfriend or not.
"I'm single," She said.
"Oh so where do you live?"
"Next to a black lab and and golden retriever," she replied.
"Hey I know where that house is I live 2 houses away!"
"Oh well you should come and visit. We could..." She stood up and walked toward me "run free together for the day and be BAD DOGS!" She said and rolled on her belly under me.
I gazed into her eyes and then heard... Huh humans? She seemed to hear them too because she jumped to her feet and ran back into her gate.
"We end our camping trip tomorrow you can come then now go hurry," She said.
I ran over to her. "Bye"
She gave me a lick "Bye"
I grinned and ran off.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost part 1

This isn't you ordinary run of the mill run away story. You can't blame.... Well just listen...
It all started when Sierra,her sister and dad took us dogs out on the boat. It was you know the usual boat ride: We drive the humans jump in and swim then get out and drive more.
The freaky part started when they parked the boat a little closer than usual to land Sierra jumped in and swam to shore. Then I felt to big hands wrap around my waste I struggled it was Sierra's dad. He picked me up and thew me in the water. I went under and swam up and away from the boat because I didn't want to come up under the boat. I popped up and looked around Where should I go? Boat. Shore. Boat. Shore! When I got there I crawled up onto the rock. I watched as Roxie was lifted into Sierra's arms, Sierra lowered her in the water.Oh sure don't throw her in.
"Roxie swim over here, to shore," I called
She turned to me and swam to shore. Next was Bella.She wouldn't go in (she is very stubborn) Sierra's dad had to push her in she did a flip and landed hard in the water. I laghed harder than I had ever done in my life. When she got to shore she growled at me. I shut up.Bella found a stick and we played for a while.
Soon Sierra pushed Bella into the water then her dad called Bella to the boat she climbed in. Then the boat started backing away from the land I was on a rock by the water so I ran across the edge not jumping in Roxie followed. Were they leaving us? NO! I can't survive alone with Roxie...On the other hand leave us together. But no they were coming back. Sierra jumped in and swam toward us when she got there she grabbed Roxie and waded into the water when the boat got close up to her she tossed Roxie in the boat. Wait hang on what was that smell? Hot dogs? Beef? Where was it coming from? I had to find out for the safety of those crazy vegetarians. I turned on my sniffer 5,000 (new addition) and began my search. My sniffer guided me up hill away from the boat. I climbed up the hill lost in the great smell.
I was farther from the boat and closer to the smell. Then I saw it a campsite filled with meat but there were humans eating, cooking and guarding it. GRRR. What do I do? Oh I know what as a proper dog I was raised to do: BEG LIKE THERE IN NO TOMMOROW (and with the way I'm gonna eat there might not be.)I walked up to the first human and put on my cute face. And, you'll never believe this he chased me right out of the campsite! I ran for a while longer until I realized an important question I must answer: Where was the boat?!?!?! I looked everywhere. only trees!!! AHHH!!! I whimpered.I was getting scared I had run away before but not in this area. Plus this area had no cat food lady. And was loosing hope.
Then I heard a voice, "DYNO, DYNO!"
It was Sierra. But where was she?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Trip part 4

The Big Trip part 3

Last you heard I was napping under the table right? WRONG!!! I was simple keeping look out. Anyways when I woke I mean stopped looking out Sierra was calling me YES!!! We were going somewhere. NO!!! Probably to the vet Ahhh!!! We loaded up and I sadly had the hat on!!! All the humans that passed. Said how cute I was when I was clearly a machine of speed and strength.
Anyways we got to this place and we went inside. Before we did though I took it upon myself to mark out trajectory. By, well we don't need to go into the details. So we went into the building and there appeared to be agility equipment and... know how you thought I was going to the vet....well you were wrong.. You see...Like I had said we were going to the agility competition. Ha....ha....ha... Anyways Sierra walked around with her mom and talked to some people. Then we left and went to a restaurant and guess what they didn't let me in!!! So then we went back to the Hotel and slept until morning. Well Duh...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Trip part 2

The next part of our trip was very scary because with my braininesses of my smarticals I had figured out that we were going to the vet!!! 1 dog in the truck NOT A GOOD SIGN!!! So Sierra tried to comfort me by saying ‘we are going to your dog agility competition’ Hah not gonna trick me. Or‘You’ll have fun buddy’ Nope not falling for that old trick. On the road Sierra treated me how I would expect her to treat someone who is going to the vet with: Treats, I get to sleep on the seat, Beef jerky, and various rubs. Haha she is not going to draw me into believing her with this crazy agility story.The vet must have been a long way away because we drove for quite a while. Then we stopped at a I’m guessing to be a place where humans stay because after we went into the lobby with a TV in it we unpacked in this room in which smelled like a human was puffing in there. A dog doesn’t want to smell smoke. UG. So we switched rooms. I sniffed around this one no bad smell but it did have a bathroom 2 beds and a table. Sierra put my pathetic bed on the floor beside Sierra’s bed. UG. I hate that bed. It’s so small. So I napped under the table.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Big Trip part 1

This was my biggest adventure yet!!! It all started when I discovered Sierra and her family were packing up some stuff. Like:
Cloths (Mine also including this embarrassing hat)
Their Cloths
My Brush
My doggy Pillow
My Food
and the Leash
Now with my smartnesses of my brains I figures out an unsure thing... Now brace yourself for this genius is so good it might actually hurt... OK the humans were going somewhere. If you can't feel your eyes call a doctor....... is everyone all right OK just making sure.
That night Sierra was reading a book called.... well dogs can't read.... So....yeah.....I felt so strong going into that sentence....Anyways she was reading never mind that. In the morning They were getting loaded into the truck. All was going as I thought but then something crazy happened. Sierra's mom loaded me into the truck. Bella and Roxie too. Then we stopped at Sierra's mom's mom's house. Sierra called us out I jumped out after Bella and Roxie. But something weird happened as I was gracefully jumping out of the truck um Sierra turned her back and well closed the door. Yeah....Not pretty...Oh did Sierra's mom and dad get a laugh outta that. I seemed to be seeing 3 Sierras coming back to the truck and laughing.Mireya almost wet herself. Ha ha very funny. I snorted and we began the mysterious trip. Huh probably to THE VET AHHHHH!!!