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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mother Bella

You know that we got new kittens right? Well, we did and really I guess 1 wasn't enough! Anyways Bella has taken them in as...well...her....PUPPIES!!! Yup you heard me right. She is mostly attracted to the smaller Daffodil. She lick her, bathes her, cuddles with her and even pick her up!!! Let me tell you she's got nothing in between her ears if you know what I mean... AKA Wako off her rocker totally acting like a prissy little poodle. 'OMG where is my baby' or 'Don't touch her she is fragile' and she even tries to take her from Sierra and Mireya!!! Anyway I told her they were kittens and that it will never work out that the humans will separate you to and all she says is speaking of the ball and she just changes the subject (typical Bella.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Daffodil Shakira

OK before I even start on this one I want to list the number of pets Sierra and her family have...
Lucy The Cat
Lilly The Horse I have seen and almost got kicked by
Cibalo the other horse that I spooked and he almost stampeded
and that's it so They have...5...wait...6 pets.
But that is going to change right now.
See Sierra has been working on this movie and as usual we are in it and there was all this talk of new characters and I assumed there would be well new pups that would be nice. But us dogs soon found out what animal was coming.
On the day of the arrival Roxie was very exited well well were but she was showing it the most. Anyway, Sierra unloaded the crate and some other very odd non puppy stuff like a scratching post, a liter box and 2 bowls with cats (of all things) on them.
Well after a few hours of Sierra and Mireya in Sierra's room with us shut out she opened the door to non other than, me. I walked in curios to see what breed of dog would need a liter box. But instead of seeing 2 cute little puppies I saw, you'll never guess this, I saw 2 KITTENS!!! As if we didn't have enough cats already we already had a whole 1 cat!!! After I had gotten over my shock I slinked over to sniff the little cats. They smelled like the animal shelter. Soon Bella and Roxie got to come in too. When Roxie saw those 2 Cats her tail waged faster than that spinning thing on the ceiling. She was probably thinking ooo cool someone who is smaller than me!
The past couple days we had time to get to know each other the cats and us their names are Shakira and Daffodil. They are still unsure about Lucy and love to play. They might not be so bad. But I'll keep you posted on the KITTENtastrophe.