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Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey sorry I haven't posted anything in a while I'm trying to upload a video of me doing some new tricks but it won't work still trying to figure it out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Countdown

Yup 5 that's how many days Sierra has left of school and I am sooooo exited... But I just got a notice that literally 1 day after she gets out of school she will be leaving!!! I know right?!?!? It's an OUTRAGE!!! She is going to some place called Washington D.C everyone makes such a big deal about that place. I mean it's not like the president lives there! The President of Dog Agility that is! LOL! But seriously, I have to spend as much time with her as I can. You know get all Sierra-ed up... Any plans for your summer? Trips, trials? I haven't heard that we are going anywhere, we being the dogs, Let's hope the summer isn't that boring....
Until Next time...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Day in Roxie's Life!

Hey, it's me again, Roxie and today I'm going to take you through my normal FABULOUS day cycle. 1st I wake up from my beauty sleep, and then I go and wake up lazy Dyno (the whole let sleeping dogs lie rule doesn't apply to him.) Next I jump on Sierra's bed to wake her up so she can let up go use the kennel if you know what I mean. It's weird some dogs use the kennel to pee, but I use it to clean my coat, get some water, you know the stuff I do to get to looking as good as I do. Later after we get let in we usually just relax, and chill. Then finally in the afternoon we get to go out and play. We either play fetch or go on a walk... Sometimes BOTH!!! :D After that us dogs eat our dinner then use the kennel again. Before we get let inside. When we are inside Dyno and I hang in Sierra's room while she reads, texts, watches TV, (Dyno does that too) or gets on the computer. Finally she goes to bed and I either blog on her computer, or sleep. On the weekdays I sleep on the weekends I blog! I'd better hurry it up to because I'm really tired... Until next time...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I got Chewy Bones Sierra FINALLY bought them!

Here I am again. My bone is the best!!!

But wait, there was something wrong with mine!
Dyno's looks bigger! I WANT THAT ONE!!! Sadly I didn't get it. :( Wait! Sierra is getting out more.... Until next time....

Simply Saturday


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Summer Summer!!! :D

OMG!!! Summer is coming soon and that means Sierra will be out of school which means she can spend more time at home which means more free time which means in between her basket ball, singing, volleyball, running and swimming she will find more time for ME!!! Yep, now that summer is coming Sierra will be even busier than she is right now!!! Well good thing I'm on that LONG list of things she has to do everyday! ;) Anyways I have questions for you!!! Yes, you my followers and viewers! You guys are going to blog about your summer plans! Have fun everyone! My Summer Wish List:
Groomer trips (weekly)
Agility (daily)
Photo shoots (hourly) Lol ;D
My Chewy Bones (mealy)

Massage (Daily)
Brushing (Daily)
Walks (Daily)
Tanning while Sierra is at the pool trying to get me in Days (Weekly)
Don't Worry Blogging (Weekendly)
Cat chasing (Dyno does that I pay him with a kiss)
Grammy House Trips (weekly)

Oh, yeah I almost forgot SHOPPING!!! (Monthly)
Now I will explain my FABULOUS list!

First off my coat deserves extra attention!
Ya 25$ worth?

Sierra? Oh Hi is it really that much?

YES!!! I am NOT going to pay that much
do you know how much that is for a
weekly visit?
NO WAY I'm allergic to MATH!!!
Anyways, I am looking forward to the agility practice. I still have a fear of heights. That A-Ramp is a death trap in ramp form! OK, next photo shoots ya I'm going to need some photos of me to you know autograph. I'll put them on the blog too! Then my chewy bones, that somebody hasn't bought yet!

Um, Hello I'm not out of school yet then the only thing I'm buying for a long time is Summer Wear!

What am I supposed to do?!? Walk into the store alone and say Hello yes I would like to buy these dog treats with my owners money!

No... It'll be your money! Plus Pet Smart allows pets in the store.

ANYWAYS! I will also require a massage daily.

Silence.... Yes I'm going to give my dog a massage every day (sarcasm)

Humph. Fine I'll get Daffodil to do it. She really does it good with her claws. So the brushing goes with the grooming trips. And the walks, hey a girls gotta get her exercise!

I agree there! I mean look at your-
It's FUR!!! Mostly...
So I'm also going to have some pool days well not getting in the water but being ME! And then the other stuff I just will totally love doing! Especially shopping!

It's your bed time! Until next time Stay FA-

Hey I say that!... Until next time

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dog Park Debut