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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Thunderstorm

OK this was the scariest night of my life.
It all started when Sierra went to bed. I saw lights in the distance. They were really bright and they flashed like lighting but no rain.
"Come on Dyno time for bed, come on I got you pillow in my room,"
I lifted my head from the floor I had been watching the "lights" in the mountains. Slowly I got up from my place by the door and stretched (a dog must stretch after lying down a long time) then reluctantly made my way to Sierra's room. Once I was there I slowly dozed off to slegrsp.
I heard in my head a tap tap tap on the window then a flash of light. Next a loud BANG! I opened my eyes to see that it was raining then another flash of light followed my another bang.
I sprang to my feet and whimpered.Sierra was sitting on her bed looking at the window.
I put my head on the bed and looked at her with pleading eyes. If she could let me on the bed I could hide in all her stuffed animals, so my poor ears wouldn't have to take this BANG thunder BANG any more. She looked at me and said "It's OK boy just wait it out and try to go to sleep. BANG! I jumped and reluctantly went back to my pillow next to Bella's.
Roxie was so lucky she got to sleep with Sierra just because she was a poodle.
It seemed like it was stopping so I decided to try and go to sleep. I'm telling you going to sleep was not easnugly bergom not biscuits on Sunday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lake Dog

Today was of shall we say... unexpected. It all started at noon I think. All the humans were going in and out of the house carrying bags and towels. Sooner or later Sierra's mom invited us out.
This is a chance to see what's going on I thought.
When we got out there it was the thing I hadn't been on in years. What the humans called "The Boat" had bags and towels in it.
I looked around and saw Sierra's mom handing Roxie, who was struggling like a pup. She was handed to Sierra and that's when she disappeared (I was too low and the boat was high and, you know) so I jumped on a near by rock.Then next thing I know I'm being lifted into it! I struggled and squirmed. But I couldn't get free. So There I was being lifted into the boat.
As I was lowered Sierra grabbed my paw and whipped all the mud off. Then she let me wander around the boat. Next was Bella and let me tell you she did not like being lifted up. and have her paws dried. But once she was able to move around the boat she was just fine.I made my way up to the front of the boat sit on the seats there. But Sierra made me stay until we were ready to go.
Finally Sierra and Mireya were in the front of the boat and their parents were in the truck so I jumped up and sat on Sierra lap for the ride to the dock.
Roxie was so annoying. She had never been to the lake before so this would be her first time. She was as usual sitting on Bella, asking questions like: 'What are we in?' or 'Why is are we being pulled by the truck?' but the most common was 'Where are we going' and Bella just rolled her tired eyes and covered her ears with her paws.
I laughed on the inside and as we finally got to the dock I decided to take Bella's suffering away. I trotted over to Roxie while everyone was busy getting the boat in the water and grabbed Roxie by the scruff of her neck and carried her off to the front with me.
After we were finally in the water and I was sitting on Sierra's lap again I let her go. She put her front paws on the rail and her back ones on Sierra's lap. Her ears flapped in the breeze and her white fur was shining in the sun. She looked really, pretty.
You know I might be getting to like her. She's smart, pretty and I think she likes me. That's when I decided I would try to impress her. That won't be hard with my good looks and my obvious strength.
Anyways so after we had taken off and drove the boat around for awhile we stopped all of a sudden and began to float. Sierra's mom had turned off the gas. Then, you won't believe this, Sierra's dad got on the edge of the boat and dove in the water. Followed closely behind by Mireya then Sierra.
This will be a good time to try to impress Roxie I thought.
I trotted over to her, she was enjoying the new experience and was now stretched out on the seat as if she were sun bathing. I thought I was cute.
"Hey, Rox," I said in my "I'm cool" voice.
"Oh Hey Dyno," she replied in her sweet casual voice.
"May I join you?"
Score this is going great. I edged closer to her. She didn't notice. I scooted closer. This time she looked at me and I looked in those deep brown eyes.
I had to make up an excuse and quick so I said "Uh there's leaf on your nose."
"Oh how embarrassing will you get it off?" She said blushing.
I leaned close to her and licked her nose.
"Thanks," she said and made herself comfortable again.
Wow that was awesome. Now step 2 of operation impress Roxie. I had to get her to lay on me so I could get a romantic moment started.
"Uh Roxie that seat looks," come up with a word fast "spinachy," spinachy what am I Pop Eye?
"Spinachy?" She repeated.
"Yeah... Um it's wrinkly and uh an oval." Oh what did I get myself into?
"OK, hey it does kind of feel uncomfortable."
"Want to sit on me?" I asked hopefully.
"Sure thanks," She replied
We both leaped off the seat and onto the floor of the boat we scooted under Sierra's mom's feet. I lied down and let Roxie scramble up onto my back. Her head rested on my neck and I slowly fell asleep.
"Vroom Vrooom!" The boat's engine wailed.
I lifted my head Huh we were at the dock? Yup Sierra's dad was pulling the boat onto the trailer.
"Roxie,Roxie," I said waking her.
"Oh here already?" She asked
"Well thanks I had a great time with you. Your fur is very comfortable," and with that she slid off my back.
Well that didn't work at all. The goal was... "Oh I almost forgot." She said walking back over.
She leaned close to me and gave me a lick on the cheek!
My eyes grew wide and the rest of the day was a blur.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doggy Definitions

Hey Dyno here with the first ever doggy definitions. Which is were I, Dyno tell you some doggy words and definitions. OK lets get to it.
1. Big loud guy = Sierra's dad
2. THE BALL = The thing that I not only chase but worship!
3. Curly hair little person=Sierra's sister Mireya
4. Nice lady who gives us scraps= Sierra's mom
5. My human =Sierra
6. Dog Playground =Dog Park
7. Fun place = Agility class
8 Annoying mini chihuahua= Cat
9. Thing that pulls you along=Leash
10. Black thing with you name on it= Collar
Pretty cool huh? Well there will be 10 more next week.

This has been a DE (Dog Education)co

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Day has Come

Well the day came and went, if you a poodle or you just don't have a clue, I'm talking about mother's day. Anyway I decided that I would get her, meaning Bella, for mother's day and let me tell you this is a present any dog would want: Cat Food. But it didn't really work out because I always seemed too be the one ending up with the cat food. So I ended up giving her a lick and her being in charge for the whole day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Every one is rushing around and speaking like 'what am I going to get mom for mother's day?' or 'Quick mom's coming hide the present!' stuff like that. While me, Dyno, has a real problem... WHAT AM I GOING TO GET BELLA FOR MOTHER'S DAY??? I know she isn't my birth mother but she acts annoyingly like one. She takes care of me, teaches me how to live in a dog world and keeps me from running away SOMTIMES!!! So she is like a mother to me. But little Ms. Roxie aka it's all about me, thinks just herself in Bella's presents is enough. So she says to me
"Dyno listen Bella puts her life in jeopardy and in return she gets to spend time with myself, the Roxie."
I groaned "Um, she was the one who kept that scorpeon from stinging you too badly," I told her.
"Yes but it still got me right under my eye and now it is all big," She said
"You mean swolen genuis," I replied.
Then she growled and with her good eye gave me that hard stare then tried to pounce. She ran straight toward me. Lucky for me there was a tree behind me so I simply steped aside and usally she would stop and turn. But with her bad eye she couldn't make out what was me and what was the tree. She hit it head on.
As I laughed she said "You know soon I'll be able to see again,"
Anyways now I'm stuck on what I should get Bella.
If you have any ideas please mention them in your comments.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Dream

It was about 9:30 at night Sierra was holding a book for school and was sitting in bed reading it. Roxie was on her bed lying on a extra pillow. I was drifting off dotsj seatp.
All at once I was running faster and faster. I looked behind me and there was any dog's wost nightmare a cat president and his army was chasing me. I whimpered and ran faster whimpering some more. The cat who looked like the general pointed to me and all their weapons fired we're talking claws, teeth and all the rage a cat could have.
Then I felt someone shaking me. I looked up it was Sierra, the whole cat for presidant thing was all a dream..... Which I knew all a long and was just saying that stuff to get you to read on...Ha...Ha...
Anyways I looked around and Sierra began to laugh. This is not funny I could have been ripped to shreds by...
Oh just drop it...Goodnigertsajhs

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Run Aaways

Hey Dyno here, today we had the most awesome day. It all started in the afternoon we had got let out into the kennel for the 2nd time today. And once I got out there with Roxie and Bella I noticed a lucky shot at getting cat food... The gate was open.
"Ok Roxie look at that the gate is open now what do you do?" I asked hoping to teach her another lesson on being a real dog.
"Um.. I would think I should stay like a good dog. Is that right?" She replied
"That's right. You would do that. That's what you're gonna do right?" I asked
"Yup," She said her head high.
"Good... See ya," I said and jumped the electric wire then raced off.
"Dyno Might Prosapio where do you think you're going?" Bella asked.
"The Cat Food Lady's place," I replied.
She was a lady who always had cat food on her porch. I went there all the time when I had the chance.
"Not if I can help it," She said
Bella is a "good dog" and she always tries to keep me and Roxie out of trouble. But I hated that she can get so annoying.
"Hah only if you can catch me," I said and with that I raced off.
I jumped on the deck circled around and hid under the small pond with hot water in it. I scampered though the boards and into where all the pipes are. Bella can't get in there. She stood at the entrance and growled. I backed deeper in.Then she left.
I squeezed out and walked slowly into the light. Then she jumped me. We wrestled for a while until finally I got a hold of her collar and pulled her down. She yipped and I released her then took off running, She followed. I jumped on the deck and raced towards the stairs to escape across the yard, but My paws gave in under me and I fell into the sand then got up and shook off. By this time Bella had my leg and was pulling me back. I clawed the boards and finally got free. Then I again raced off.
Through the yard under the bouncing tarp thing and crossed into the neighbor's yard. I gave his cats a quick bark and raced on. I could hear Roxie barking like crazy. The next neighbour's greyhounds ran along the fence at my side.
"Hey Dyno, where you going in such a hurry?" One asked
"Running from Bella, gonna get cat food," I barked.
"Hey good luck," the other said once at the end of the fence.
"Thanks," I said and raced off.
Bella was still on my tail I continued on up the hill and around the corner. She was gaining on me . I pushed on. Once I neared the Cat Food Lady's house I slowed. Then ran into her driveway then rounded the corner on her deck. gobbled down as much cat food as I could drank some water then started home at a steady walk.
Bella had given up the chase and was already close to home. I decided to take the forest way that's the fastest way.
I walked through he forest and pushed through the last couple of trees then walked to the middle of the road.
Sierra and everyone was already home by now and she had began racing toward me. I ran to her, she hugged me then lifted me and carried me back to the kennel. She kissed me and I walked through the sliding flap and saw Bella.
"Hey," I said cautiously.
She growled and charged I submited then jumped up and we wrestled until we could barly breath.
And tha was my awesome day (exept for the fact that because we ate cat food we wouldn't get dinner.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today was the best day ever...
First all my humans were moving around so early they usually get up at like 8:00 on what they call the weekends. So anyway if they get up this early this must only mean one thing... They are going somewhere.
Next thing I knew i was being pushed in to the truck. Oh No I thought. If they are taking me this must mean we are going to the most horrible place on earth... THE VET!!! I know awful right? So then I got in the truck and started forming a plan to escape...Hm... Well nothing yet...
My human Sierra had brought the ball. Probably to cheer me up. Or make me think we were going somewhere fun. Hah not gonna fool me. But when we pulled up and parked I discovered ...well... we were at my playground my human called the agility class. I loved it. But just so you know I knew we were going there the whole time...Ha...ha...
So Sierra had to sign all these papers then we sat down and watched the other dogs do the course then a lady called Sierra and Dyno. That was us! So Sierra went out there with me on a leash with "THE BALL!!!" I loved that thing some say I am obsessed but I call it... Attached. So anyway we went out there and Sierra lined me up with the tunnel and said the magic word OK then I raced off with Sierra at my side. I flew through the hoops and the tunnels then we ran through some more tunnels and finally she threw THE BALL and I chased that thing like there was no tomorrow.
After that some other dogs went then they changed the course up. Sierra studied it then some dogs ran it then it was our turn!!! EEEP!!! So we went and that one was even better than the last one. After that more waiting and finally our turn again!!! I rushed through this one that was soooo fun. Sierra told me we had one more run then we had to go home. So we did that last run and this one was the jumps run. Oh it was the best!!! So after a long day of agility we had to go home. I can't wait for class on Wednesday.