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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Training Challange # 1

For our training challenge we went on a walk but it wasn't just any walk we walked to Sierra's family's other land (I have no idea how that works either.) So as we walked I saw the dog's 2nd enemy: DEER!!! I was now in beagle mode... OK focus I said to myself what is the target Hmm as mom taught me go for the gulp
"Not yours!" Sierra said sharply and tugged on my leash.
I was jerked out of "beagle mode" and kept on walking AHHH!!! More deer I pricked my ears Sierra gave me a look and I kept walking and paid almost no attention to the my girlfriend next door. I gave her a wink then hurried along. Here we are!!! This land Sierra said is going to be our future agility field!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Which end is the right one
Hey at agility practice Mireya is the new puparazzi ahhhhh!!! She is catching all sorts of embarrassing things of me and the other dogs like these:

Dyno you snooze you lose

Roxie's Kitty Love

Roxie's Kitty Love continues?

Bella has FLEAS!!!

Sierra's New Cut Real or Fake?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Here is a preview of Sierra's Movie!!

rOxiE's PoST

hi RoXie heer and i snuk into DyNo's account and typed this it is a bowt my trip to ODessA. I have never reely typed on a computur b4 so wish me luc!!! Well first we drove a long ways in a big bloo thing then we arived at a hows and there was a nother dog there and he lookd like a hot dog. I playd wif him I think he was (as Dyno says) checkin me owt. After another long drive then we were in ODessA as SIerrA called it. We got to a hows and there was a nother poodle there too his name was EmMeT. He was older than BelLa!!! Well after all that we went home and I tolded DyNo all a bowt my trip. And that Pineapple is not a good password...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uh Oh

Sorry for not posting the challenge Ricky but my mom said no because am not felling too great. See I have been taking medicine for my leg but it hasn't been working. At least I know that I have been trying to give Sierra some signs and she kind of got it.
GRRRRR these son of a cat kittens!!! They always are in the way. Like one (Daffodil) jumped o top of me and began to sleep I jumped up and she flew across the room when she landed she hissed. I chuckled to myself. Then another day Shakira began to pounce on my tail. I turned to her quickly and snarled. She ran off faster than a dog chasing a BALL!!!
Yup this is definetly an UH OH!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Curse of the Pampered Poodle

Roxie is sooo pampered. She gets to sit on the couch. I only sat on the couch once and I was on Sierra's lap. She gets to sleep on Sierra's bed I only have a old living room chair. And last but DEFIANTLY NOT LEAST roxie never gets caught in the litter box! I never get caugh... I mean I never go in the litter box.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is me as a puppy!!!

Lost Pics

This is the island I was lost on
Bella was very worried

Lost part 3

After rushing off from no doubt the most beautiful dog in my life I heard... Huh? A car? Looking around all I saw was trees. Then a voice.
All I did without thinking was run, run to the voice. Suddenly I was on a road in front of a red car. I looked in the window. Sierra's mom was inside. I jumped with joy I was found.
She opened the door and loved on me.
I was found!!!