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Sunday, July 17, 2011


We went SHOPPING yesterday!!! And guess where we went!!! PetSmart!!!! I got a BUNCH of stuff!!! Like a toy, a new collar, a FABULOUS new brush, some little shoes and a T-Shirt!!! Here are some pics...

So when we got home Sierra made me try on the Booties! I hated them at first! Sierra says the will protect my feet from the hot summer sun but all I say is fooy!!! They make me walk weird!!! Here look!



  1. Oh Roxie, what is she like? Well, if they keep your paws from getting burnt then they have to be a good thing, we don't think we could go for them, pink wouldn't suit our macho image. I bet you can start some good slides across the floor going in those though, get a bit of attitude with it and that will be a great video!! Thanks for your lovely photie-o-graph :-) Dex and Lou xxx

  2. Poor Roxie! Mom put boots on my feet once and I hated them! Did you end up getting used to them or did Sierra take pity on you and remove them? :)