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Friday, June 24, 2011


Tonight we are camping in our own backyard I am sooooooo excited!

It was kinda scary I woke Sierra up a couple times because I heard buzzing monsters!!! She just pushed me off and told me to go back to sleep! :0
Before we went to bed I got some good pics here they are! I know I look scruffy I was ruffing it ;)



  1. Oh we know all about that camping in the back yard thing! It's Katie's (the sheltie-girl) favorite thing to do. We tried last weekend, but the Mama (me) got scared by strange noises in the woods and we only made it 4 hours. Sometime I'll blog about it...have pictures...LOL Good job to you guys for making it all night!

  2. Hey Roxy, thanks for stopping by my blog...looks like you're having a FABULOUS summer!